Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Head is spinning
First and foremostly, I'd like you peeps to check out the time of this entry. HAHHAHA!! Memang seksa.. I WAS asleep for the past three hours, but I just woke up 'coz I am feeling reaaaaaaaally sick!! Tak penah rase cam gini kat MMU! My head aches but I just can't get back to sleep. Dahlaa rase sejuk semacam! Musti cam mengade btol Wanie ni kan? I'm even telling you peeps how sick I'm feeling!
This really suxX! Dahlaa this week orang stay sampai ari Jumaat! Saketnyer kepalaaaaa!!! Hope I'll be feeling much better in the morning.. serius tengah rase terseksa! Dahlaa tengah takde air nak minom! aaAaaAaaaAAaAaAaa!!!!

achy body and puffy eyes.. bluerrghhh!


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