Friday, May 30, 2003

Kak Sitiiiii, I DON'T LIKE YOUUUU!!!
Really, I practically hate her last night! Because of her, I was unable to get to sleep! Because of her, I only slept for 3 and a half hours!! Bongok~! I know I said some days ago that I hope I'll get along fine with my roommates (and I still wish that I will) but last night, I got to know that she's such an insensitive, stupid jerk! I HATE!! Okay! Nak ske Kak Mai je.. Kak Siti tak besh!! Bluekk~!!!
Good thing Kazaa was nice to me this morning.. probably 'coz it pitied me for not getting the sleep I need, so it completed 6 of my downloads! AHHAHA! Cukup puas ati~ Kak Siti maseh bongok la.. Added 3 songs in the GC collection.. downloading another 6, 7 files searched without having any results~ Tak besh! Tapi Kak Siti lagi tak besh!!
Went into the darkroom this morning with Ana. Kinda sucky since the chemicals smelled terrible.. I was so dizzy, that I was at the point of swaying around if not trying to hit something.. ahhahah!! Still haven't got any ideas for a theme.. so the work I did was.. terrible! Main letak je ntah hape-hape ntah.. perabis tiga kertas.. Memang tak syok, tapi Kak Siti lagiiiiiiiiiii la tak syok! Going into that room next Tuesday. Hopefully I'll figured out a theme by then!
Okay.. sleepy~ Tapi Kak Siti ade lak tido kat sini.. TAU PLAK MENGANTUK!! Ingatkan kalau dah bole bergayut telepon malam-malam sambil menggedik atas katil tu, dah hebat sangat la! Takyah tido kot dia ni! KENE GAK TIDO! Bongok~!! Hisy! I really need to control my temper, kan? Maybe I will start.. as soon as KAK Siti learn how to control her STUPIDITY!! ahhahhaha!!!
I can't believe I'm amused by myself~

Wohh~! Dizzy and sleepy~
Shahnon kalau nak lagu GC, Mest, Goldfinger - The Innocent ngan Weezer - The Fall, message Wanie tau!


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