Thursday, May 22, 2003

Kamu jangan main-main dengan saya
Huwaaaaaaaaarghhh!! That's what Che Mat said to me and Ana when we got to the photography lab. We were 20 minutes late! Huhuuu~ Sorry Ana!
I woke up at six, and can't get back to sleep though I still need the rest. So I checked my Kazaa.. 12 files downloaded! Baguss!! So I arranged my playlist.. and got back to my bed, with the headphone on. 7:40 my alarm goes off.. "but it's still early... 5 minutes won't make much difference.." 8:59 "Wanieeeee~!" Ana was at my door. AHHAHA!! I OVERSLEPT! stupid!! Okaylaa.. mengaku.. tak mandi but gosok gigi.. and walked towards the photograph lab.. And then.. Che Mat got angry at us for being late. At first, I was still smiling.. but it got sour, I guess.. (a stupid habit of mine - smile when someone's mad at me) Terbiase! Like Ustazah Normah said to the class in Form 5, "apa kate kamu cuba senyum pada orang yang marah kamu. mana tau, lembut sikit hati dia nanti.." heehee~ I really like that advise! 'Pelembut hati' heehee~ klakar, but it's a very good advise! I find smiling as someone's getting angry with me is less stressful, for me! Serious! Dahlaa memang slalu kene marah.. ekkeke!
Okielaa.. just hope he won't hold a grudge on me and Ana.. kang tak pasal-pasal ter-fail lak! Huhuu~
Going back home today! Dida's already badgering me to call Papa and pick us up! (she's in Petronas' Permata at Bangi.. doing some kursus..)
O yeah.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Ahhahaha!! Tak patut kecoh pon.. After all, it's my birthday according to the Islam calendar. Rabiulawal 20th. Ehheh~ But still! I was born on this date berbelas tahun dulu! heehee~!

Good Charlotte's the best!!


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