Monday, May 19, 2003

offline blog
oh yee.. if you missed me SO much, you can also read my blog during the holidays taau! the times I was actually offline.. just scroll down this page, and click for 'holiday blog' 'offline blog' wokie! KALAU nak tau laa what I was doing all this while when I was at home.. heehee~
benci!! ANA DAH TERE MAIN GITA!! well, better than me, so kire tere la tuhh!! 'coz I'm simply crappy! AHHAHA!! tak kesah laa.. being the listener is always better than the one who's performing. leh enjoy sepenuhnyer! wahho~!
NAK OSTELL!!!!! mintak-mintak esok dapat ostel!! nak ostel gaaaakk! Dah made up my mind.. kalau tak dapat, Wanie merayu.. ok tak?? AHHAHAH!! Just, hopefully I get a room.. huuuu~

tralalaa.. tralalaa..


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