Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Residential Unit yang mengong
PENAT!! I got all my stuff over here, so I can get into my room and get my computer to run! Tapi, pegi RU.. skali tutup daaa~! They're having a meeting over STAD and will open at 11, which, I have class at that time!! So, naseb baik Ana ade kat sini.. tumpang letak barang sat. Amazingly, I don't have so much stuff around..
Wondering though.. dapat blek mane aganye agaknye ni ekk? Hopefully tak tinggi-tinggi!! Mati Wanie nak bawak! heeheee~
Oh ye.. I think there's some broken links in my webby.. Nanti Wanie betulkan lah! If I can get my computer to connect.. huuu~
(takut kalau dah ade rumet, pastu diorang dah amek meja! Wanie takde meja ngan cable panjang-panjang...)



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