Monday, May 26, 2003

Wohh~! Can't believe that I'm really tired! Heehee~ Didn't do anything much, but still penat~
Just went to my usual classes.. oh! Bought that printing paper.. and me and Ana booked the 0900 slot of Friday to do our Photogramme! Wahho~! Cam tak saba rasenye nak buat eksperimen.. Wahho~!!
Anyways, since no one asked me about my roommates, I'm going to tell some things about 'em anyways! One of them is Maisarah, I think.. 'Coz I call her Kak Mai! heehee~ She's doing IT, majoring in something that has to do with Multimedia. hehhe! She's supposed to be in her final year, but she's going to extend it 'coz she can't stand the many many subjects! (She's supposed to take 8 subjects this semester but she's extending so she'd have to take only 5 this sem!) She's 21, from Perak (which explains why she got loads of things in the closet!) AHHAHAH!! I'm sharing the closet with her, I don't mind.. 'coz I don't have so much of stuffs..! Dia ni cam besh gak~! At least I managed to get some conversation going on with her. Dia ni cam sempoi sikit! So, cam tertarik ati nak tengok dia! AHHAHAHA!!
The other roommate is Kak Siti. Bukan nak kate ape, since it may be my mistake.. I haven't been able to talk to her much. Takde ape yang nak dibualkan! huu~ She's from Melaka, and she's doing Engineering. (She got loads of stuff in her closet as well!) That's all I know about her. Terok kan?
Okay! That's the introduction I have about them.. maybe there'll be more in the future! heehee~ Let's wish that I'll get along with them perfectly fine, wokie?
Wahho~! Ape penat sangat arinih? Benci~!

And I'm an idiot, still~


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