Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Jenna won!! It's unbelievable!! She got 6 of the 7 votes from the jury!! For the first time of the Survivor history, the youngest of the survivor won the million dollars.. and got 6 votes!! Gile aah! This is actually the first time my favorite survivor actually won the million dollars.. Eh! Tipu kot.. ekkeke! Ethan won few Survivors ago, and he's my fave as well.. ekkeke! Suka Ethan, sebab mase dia menang, he said: "You don't have to lie to win," AHHAHA!! O well, Jenna roxX!! Can't believe she won the last two immunities.. Gurl power!! Wahho~!!
Anyways, nothing much to say other than that..
Wondering what's really in my head, what I'm thinking about.. someone.. something?
O well, smalam ade orang sombong ngan kite.. dia cakap something, pastu tetiba cam lain macam lak.. Sakit ati je dengan dia.. TAK SKE! And then.. hummph!! I'm surrounded my people who's making my life great while even more confusing..



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