Tuesday, May 20, 2003

why do I have to be so dependent??
I HATE!! Ana's out with Jai.. which is perfectly okay with me.. nak pegi MCP sebenanye.. but sebab tengahari.. takde slera nak jalan sensorang gi xr1005!! I know I'll be missing some lot.. 'coz truthfully, I think I like Multimedia Authoring!! The first lecture was quite interesting! So, tengah sedih jugak la ni memontengkan diri.. But of course, I know I shouldn't be this way. ntahapehape la Wanie nihh! Bole pulak ponteng kelas sebab takde kawan nak berjalan ekkk? AHHAHAH! I wonder when was the last time I asked someone to sign the attendance for me.. humm.. agak jarang tu! English last sem la slalu.. sebab malas sangat nak pegi! AHHAHA!!
So anyways.. then we're going back to the real problem here. Why do I have to be so dependent? entohh!! Dah ter slalu sangat kot! ampehh btol! Ok ok.. I'll try to reduce that, ek? sebab, macam tak sehat je idup camni.. AHAHHA!! silly me!
Oh ye, if you're wondering, why can't I go with Fina and BJ.. well, I CAN! But I don't have my mobile with me.. left it at home this morning.. sedih tau!! So, I don't have their number to even call them from the booth.. I HATE!!



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