Monday, May 19, 2003

Tak sangke nyerrrrhh! Had my database exercise and it went fine! Wahho~!!
Saw my friends today.. somehow sumernye nampak hepi cam takde masalh masalah. Memang takde masalah ke? Cam sedikit risau pon ade.. Humm.. I can only check if I get the hostel tomorrow.. entahlaa.. Not really sure if I WANT to stay inside. Sebab umah Asha ade kosong la plak! But seksanye kalau nak kene jalan tengahari kan? Humm.. still considering what I'll do if I DO get the hostel room. A part of me want it so badly, but the other part.. cam entah! Rase cam teringin nak duk luar. It'd be a different experience! So.. cam menarik lak! Humm.. kalau esok kene make my choice.. hostel room.. or A3-9-something? Heehee~ Blok A3 rupenye pompuan itu. Went to her place tadik before MDP.. cam menarik la! ^_^
MDP.. humm.. the lecturers told us what we're going to do on tutorial next Wednesday and Thursday. It ought to be interesting, don't you think?? Wahho~!!

adehh.. kenapalaakepalakuu.. hisy~!


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