Friday, June 20, 2003

Cloud Number 9
This Bryan Adams' song sounds really nice!
Seems like everyone's getting old. hehhe!!
Just got back from breakfast with Papa and Dida.. They came by to bring me moneyy!! woo~hoo!! Beshnyerr dapat peluk Papa tadik. Tak saba nak balek umah!!! But I'm also anticipating for tomorrow. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix!! Mintak-mintak it'll be a neat memory.. after all that's been going on around me lately. uhuu~
It's pathetic to think that I can't quite eat anything for this time being. Everything seemed to make me wanna puke. Sepanjang ari smalam tak makan! Lapa memang lapa.. but mase tu makan cashewnuts je, rase gile nak muntah! My whole insides were churning.. It wasn't bulimic-related laa, but more to depression yang sangat ganas! AHHAHA!! So that's how my body works! Kenelaa elakkan daripada depression ekk, kalo tak Wanie tak dapat nak makan. Tadi nyer sandwich pon tak abes! Hayyo~ sajeeee je buat Papa risau.. huhuu~ Not feeling so much horrible since yesterday morning.. talked to Ana, talked to BJ, talked to Fina, talked to Musz, talked to Hanis, talked to Dar.. Fuyoo! I had to talk to 6 people before I can really get myself back! uhuu~ Oh iye, Dar nye entry besh ekk?!! heehee~
Dida belikan The Sims Superstar! Tak tau bile nak install.. tengah takde mood nak main la plak!
Been thinking 'bout changing the layout.. amacam aa? Worked on it yesterday, but it looked SO horrible 'coz my heart was not in it. Yeech! Oh ye.. agaknye patut kekalkan ke pages pasal friends ngan family tu aa? 'Coz it got me thinking.. people change, so takkan nak update everytime they make a change kan? Mati Wanie nak handle.. huhuu~ Tengok la camne nanti! Really come to think that I can't really handle drastic changes, especially when it comes to my friends. I think I built my life around them.. so kalau pape jadi, cam susah! Coming to believe that I was terrible in 'special' relationships 'coz I seem to put my friends ahead of it, without me actually realizing it when it happens. So now, if any of my friendship ties shook.. and may leave me.. What will I be left of???


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