Thursday, June 12, 2003

conversation of the day.. (Y!M)
wanie: adohh~
wanie: nak gi toilet
wanie: :-&
ana: same
wanie: (fina slalu buat gini)
ana: ohoho
ana: okeh
ana: jumpe kat toilet
wanie: :))
wanie: :P
ana: toilet jomm
wanie: jom jomm

ekkekek!! I don't know why I find this so amusing.. probably coz there's nothing much else interesting left to say! Boring yang amat.. dahlaa tengah sakit aje!! Things are pretty sucky these days. I'm gonna say this without much doubt - this is one of the most terrible weeks I've had since I turned 18.. ehhehehe!
note : rupe rupenye name tutor MCP kitorang is Hilmy and NOT Helmi like I've been spelling his name since the start...
Anta asenmen tadi.. nothing much to be proud of.. practically rejected-lah! Lega that it's settled jek. But nothing.. absolutely nothing to be proud of. Actually I'm even more disappointed at myself for making stupid judgements along this week. I hate myself for something.. just to save my butt, I did the one thing I tried to avoid. I am horribly disappointed..
If equal affection cannot be, then let the more loving one be me.. I heard this in Felicity some weeks ago. And I think I believe in it. I asked Ana the question I once asked Papa, Nina and Dida last night while we were sitting around. Would you rather to like or to be liked? And I'm still the only one who preferred to like 'coz Ana picked 'to be liked'! Apsal aaa?? I guess there's something in me that says I need to satisfy my heart. I feel the 'must' to like that person first. There's absolutely nothing wrong about being liked first. It can be that guy likes me first.. just I'd rather to have some feelings for him before I know that he actually likes me.. Being liked ought to be flattering right? But I'd probably wait.. Chloe Sullivan's silly for waiting on Clark Kent.. something that she can't tell if it would ever be! But if you're not in a hurry, why jump onto the first bus that came to you, 'aight? Humm.. I think like crap these days.. entah mengape..!
Suddenly reminded of some wise words that my sister gave to me, takleh tamak dalam bende camni.. hehhehe!! That line made me think about loaaadddss of stuff!! Thanks Nina!!
klaka lak rase.. tengahari camni pikir pasal menda gini lak! Kalo tengah malam tu cam paham la gak! ekkeke!

stupidly, i....


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