Monday, June 16, 2003

crazy over..
1 - Good Charlotte!!
My playlist have been playing their songs for a straight 4 weeks now.. entah nape biarkan aje denga lagu diorang ulang-ulang..
2 - Guitars and guys that can sing! AHHAHA!!
I get a sudden shiver when I heard Take Me Away by Lifehouse, Bad Day by Fuel and Foo Fighter's Walking After You. Apsal aa? Dah naik basi dah lagu ni smer.. but still rase besh gak!!
3 - Strawberry
tak sudah sudaaah! Been spending the weekend by stuffing myself with strawberry-flavored ice cream and Chuppa-chups!
4 - colored pen
Been messing around with 'em and doodled on my own arm..! ekkeke!
5 - Big Yellow Taxi
haaau~ it's stuck in my head!! Still downloading this song! Just found out that Counting Crows sang it, so baru nak start download. Sape ade dah lagu nihhhhh?

lapa dan kesejukkan.. bencinyerr


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