Monday, June 02, 2003

Quite a tiring day, today.. After meeting up Papa and Nina in the morning, I went to class.. without Ana by my side as I usually do. And I met up with Ablen who happened to be waiting for his guy friends to come along! And since I was alone, what the heck?! Why would I want to stay alone all morning, 'aight?! heehee~ Later, Ana came though.. late! But she came.. ^_^ O yeah.. note to myself : nak geram ngan Dar sebab dia cakap "takmo kacau korang" when we asked him to sit with us. Ngadeee!!
Then in the afternoon.. hung out a while in HB3, as we decided when to move for Pyramid. BJ wanted to find a hub for her room, and Sheeya also wanted to get her car washed! Bermasalah sungguh! Sheeya's car won't start after the car wash, so we went to Pyramid by BJ's car. Tak buat ape pon, lepas beli hub, masok kedai gitar kejap.. balekkk.. Had to go for Database at 4!
And now, I'm finally back to my room since the morning! I'm really REALLY tired! And I think I should get some shower soon.. Somehow I think I'll be getting itchy soon... aarrrghhhh!! Later~



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