Monday, June 09, 2003

Friends or Lovers
to be or not to be... that is not the question. the question is nak jadik ke tak. huhuhu.. bongok tak wanie?. hihihi....
it's going to be a very confusing moment for me if this situation happens. but i think if i like my friend and suddenly feel like wanting him to be more than just friends, i'll just keep the feelings to myself and wait for him to make the first move. hehehe. coz it's a very nice feeling having someone you love close to you at all time. things might change if he knows the truth prematurely. (tgh ngarut ke nie??..tapi cam logik jer). unless if he show signs that he is interested in you then it's not wrong to take the risk and let him know the truth (chewah cam expert plak..ngarut2 je nie wanie..tapi cam logik jugak..macam jerla tapi) buat ape nak kisah. if he/she doesn't feel the same way.. sekurang2nyer kite penah kenal dia. sempat nak gatal2 skit ngan dia (hohoho)..okayla cam nak dekat merepek dah nie..bye2
- ana -


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