Monday, June 09, 2003

Friends or Lovers
waaa,i really don't have any idea to write due to the topic, and i'm bad in writing!!..hmm...what would happen when friendship turns to love?? well,i guess there's nuttin wrong bout it, if both of them feel the same for each other, just go for it then.. maybe it will be easy for them as they already know each other well.. or maybe they will feel awkward, but that's if only one of them have such feelings towards the friend. i can't say that he/she need to think back wether he/she really like the person or it is just a feeling that he/she felt as they had become close together, because isn't that supposed to be in the package of relationship?? (ape aku merepet nih..!) if he/she is sure that the person feels the same way too, it's not wrong to make the first move (tak kesah laa yg buat first move tu laki ke pompuan asalkan sure) ..what bout if it's a one way feeling..? meaning he/she likes the person but sorang lagi yilek?? if the other person isn't into anyone, maybe he/she can lead the person to like him/her (kirenye buat baik + hints laa) akkaka....
but if that person completely ignored the hintings and dates with other people, just don't do that u-know-i-like-u-but-i-forgive-u-because-i'm-a-good-person face because to 'some' people that will annoy them n that will only make the chances less..
as for me, it all depends on...................~~
for further information, visit ....dah panjang dah ni.. so baik blah sbb surely ade yg cakap saye ni merepek gile.. bye~
- dar -


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