Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Guessing games
Adoiii.. what a confusing life I'm going through. It's SO confusing that you can actually relate it to having a crush! Y'know, when you like someone.. you're not sure if they like you back! So every little thing he/she did can make you think that they actually like you as well 'coz you can relate to the thing they did, when the truth is, they're just doing their everyday thing, and it has nothing to do with you! AHHAHA!! Bagos punye perumpamaan.. but hey! Having a crush IS confusing, 'aight? So.. that's my point! I have a REALLY confusing life!!! Entah kenape skang ni suke sangat buat perumpamaan yang bongok~
I was listening to Hemorrhage; Fuel just now and I got mad over the lyrics! It's absurd but I find myself hating this line now.. "don't fall away, and leave me to myself.." I seem to find myself that way these days.. by myself.. kenape? cube jawab sikit! And I was reminded of something someone said to me days ago.. what a lie! I don't know how I got this sensitive over measly things, but this really suxX!! Being emotional suxX! As much as I like being myself.. spoilt, silly, stupid and everything.. I hate the fact that my heart seem to overpower my brain! It shouldn't be like that, should it? Of course, if I listen to my head from the start, I won't be the spoilt, silly, stupid girl like I am right now.. but getting your brain overpowered by your own heart is *demm* tiring!! I am officially.. emotionally instable! Adoiii~

I want to fall away~


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