Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Half crap-half super~
What a day.. refuse to talk about the morning 'coz it's simply crap! Can't really tell about it or you'll see a hint of anger in the words I'll be using! So.. leave the morning out! It was simply crappy!
Can't stop myself from listening to Frenzal Rhomb - I Went Out With A Hippy & Now I Love Everyone. I think I like the song 'coz the fella got a bit of accent! AHHAHAH!! I mean, punk rockers usually sing with a slang/accent 'aight? And this guy's is like.. over-doing it? AHHAHAH!! Anyways, I like it! Honestly, if I wasn't 'saved' by the existance of 'menutup aurat' and 'adab', surely I would've been a punk.. 'coz I get jealous with girls that wear tank top and with extra piercing on their faces! AHHAHAH!! Terok ekk? So.. all I can do these days is color my nails in black! hehhehe~ Itu pon jarang dah.. sebab marker kene ciluk ngan sape ntah! Leceh btol.. nak carik real nail-color.. malas! Nak ilangkan pon leceh.. keje yang busuk~ Really can't stand the smell of the chemical used for removing the color!
Been talking to Syahrir this afternoon! It's nice to be talking to someone you've known for quite some time! Cite pasal bebudak skolah.. rambut Zooleak dah kembali normal ke?? Aduhh~ tak besh! Adam dah pindah Johor.. humm~ teringat time main lastik! ekkekeke! SO immature..
Oh ye, Fariz.. someone named trapzone sent you and Fakhrul his/her regards. (see over the chatterbox!) heehee~ Kawan skolah tak? ekkekeke! Bole plak main pesan-pesan ekk? heehee~

And I still wonder.. will I ever get through?


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