Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Aaarrrghhhh!!! Why am I feeling like crap?!! I'm affected by someone that isn't really anyone in my life, so how's that possible??! I HATE!! I hate youuu 'person'! You're making my life miserable and you don't even care!! I regret the fact that I'm too trusting with people, 'coz it usually hurts me in the end!! I HATE!!!
What a lonely lonely day.. practically NO ONE was online! What a boring boriiiing day.. I HATE!!
And i still have my 3D object to do.. tapi application takmo jalan!! ARRGHHHHH!!! I HATE!!!

takde mood nak buat ape pon..

edited on June 9th 2003, 6:29 PM saiko tak tentu pasal.. nak kate PMS, tak jugak! memang mereeeng.. hisy~!


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