Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Wohh~! I guess I'm very much LUCKY!
So I was wrong about Kak Mai's name. It's actually MaiZATUL! ahhahha!! She's so neat and now I know why! It started with she.. waving about at me while I was SO into my mp3s with my headphone. When I lowered it down she asked, "Libra bulan brape?". So after answering her question, I asked her what's her star sign.. when she answered, I got pretty excited, and when I've calmed down, I gave her some bits of horoscope compatibility that I knew of.. so why did I get excited? Kak Mai's actually a Sagittarian as well!! And her birthdate is on December 15th!!! So I went to Fina's room (where there's BJ as well since she was locked out from her own room! Poor BJ~) and told them about the new discovery! And somehow we started on a list of Sagittarian we knew! Who was on that list? Ana, Musz, Ablen, myself, Michael Owen, Kak Mai, Izwan (BJ's boyfriend!), Dida, Brad Pitt and some other loads!! Besh taau~! 'Coz Sagittarians are cool! AHHAHAHA!! I have so many Sagittarian friends! I really noticed that most of my good friends are all fire elements! (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) AHHAHAHA!!
Okay.. having a bit sore-throat. Probably from screaming around and laughing about! Had that quite some times this day.. So in conclusion, this was such a dehydrating, tiring and depressing day but full of laughters! heehee~ That shouldn't be right.. but that's what today was.. well, yesterday-lah!

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