Monday, July 28, 2003

mereng.. whooppee~!

Okay.. dah tak mereng dahh.. stuff.. crap! bluekk!!
I practically had a week's worth of weekend!! 5 dayss!! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.. just got back here la~!
Spent the Thursday and Friday boringly.. watced the telly aje laa.. Saturday, went to get great food.. and then saw Tomb Raider! I think it's not as great as I expected.. But I have to say that I love the whole girl-kick-a$$ thingy.. ekkeke! Girl powerrRr!! But as typical things that a girl has to go through.. she fell in love.. yadda yadda yaddaa~
Anyways!! Sunday was rainy.. thought I'd NEVER get to finish my assignment on time..! But then.. my dad kinda dragged me to Tanjung Harapan in Klang.. and amazingly, there was a sunset!! Even saw some MMU peeps around there.. huhuu~
Anyways, tadi sebenarnye cam mereng sket over something, but now I'm more to pissed a bit over something that's way over my control.. yadda yadda yaddaa~



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