Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Really.. what's going on over here???

This is SO crappy!! I went to sleep around 9 last night 'coz I'm feeling waaaaay to sick.. woken up at 11 with a terrible pain in my head! My cough is getting worse, my voice is practically fading, and my eyes are getting ugly! Cam sebulan tak tido! Puffy!! Kesejukkan tadi.. and so I SMSed home, and no one replied.. sangat mengecewakan.. huhuu~ Seb baik later Papa called! hehhe!! Adohh~ spoiled nyer saye.. I'm getting tired of reading myself talking 'bout my dad so often. hisy!! ENOUGH!!
Thanks Ana for getting me the Panadols.. Dah okay sikit for the time being. At least I can walk normally.. tadi I kept swaying from side to side. Klaka la sikit, macam mabuk!
Hopefully my condition will get better by the morning. Tak tahan nyerr~ Just couple weeks ago dah demam.. and now I'm having it again. What's up with me???! I don't usually get sick so often like this!! Rase macam ade something yang tak kene... hummmm~
But of course.. there's always something that doesn't go right in my life.. and it'll never change..
Haa~ going to thank Shahnon for somehow notifying Kaoru about this site! hehhe! I was clicking around her archive when I saw this.. So I happen to be someone who's very strong, somewhat self-willed, independent (iyee ke ekk? humm...), does not allow contradiction or arguments, loves life, it's family, children (wohhh~!!) and animals.. a bit of a butterfly, has a good sense of humor, likes idleness and laziness (without any doubt!!) and of practical talent and intelligence. Tatau la betul ke idak.. what do you think? hehhe~ A bit of a butterfly.. What does it mean, though? So, with full interest, I looked butterfly up on dictionary.com and here's what it said, "A person interested principally in frivolous pleasure".. huhuu~ And then I looked up for frivolous, and the results were; "unworthy of serious attention" or "inappropriately silly" WAHHAHAHA!! Sangat besh!! Come to think about it, I am most of what was stated in there.. heehee~!
Anyways, so it's 2 am and I REALLY should get more rest.. My head's starting to spin all over again... I HATE!!!

you are SO stone-aged! I'm over that! yakeng!!~


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