Monday, July 21, 2003

Thinking too much is a curse..

Fuuh~ Tiring!!
Got back to MMU this morning.. Tak tahan sungguh kesejukan di pagi harii~!!
Peningpening.. I hate the fact that I think too much.. (adoi~ sampai a couple of people already mentioned it!) and I also hate the fact that I just DO things.. without thinking!! And I also hate the fact that I can't seem to hold a grudge! wahhahha!! I know that it should be good, but sometimes I feel like I'm being a hypocrite (spelling?) to myself.. The things I do is usually different than the things I told myself to do. Bluerrghhh! Skali skala teringin gak nak mogok lama lama.. majuk ke ape kee.. But I always end up talking again, or said that I was sorry (though I only meant it half-heartedly!) huhuu~! I HATE THATT!! I hate saying that I was sorry when I was still thinking what I was supposed to do.. Slalu cam gini!! Tengah pikir je nak mintak maap ke.. nak stay quiet ke.. tau tau dah mintak maap lak! Bluerrghh!! And then, came all these thoughts 'coz I think too much!! Dah jadi tu biar ajelaa jadi!! Nak analize lagi buat ape? Ye dakk? Tak ke buat penat namenye??!! Let it go, Wanie...
Could be the thing I did was the right thing to do, pun~
Lagipon.. it's unhealthy to hold a grudge for too long~
(I'm telling myself those..)
ps: yosh~! thanks to mz kaoru! finally decided to get that imood thingy.. sukaaa~!!!

So you try and get it right,
but you don't know what to do,
when the answers won't find you,
look for them instead..
If there ever is a chance,
that you'll be a reformed man,
you could be the one to choose,
or this could be the end..

~*I Can't Stand Another Minute; Vroom


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