Monday, July 21, 2003

Truth and lies..

Aisyk! Geram btol kat anak didikan gue, si Ablen nihh~ Ade dia kate orang tipu dalam blog! Chett~! "tak silap aku la kan.. dier ader kate.. bukan sume lam tu real.. ader yg palsu.." That night when I told you and Dar that I lied.. itulaa penipuan yang sebenar! I only said that so you guys would stop making fun of me.. You guys dok repeat repeat pasal suka jalan tuu.. aisyk! Terase sungguh.. (sebab betul.. ekkeke!!)
I think I never really lied in here.. (bukan nak puji diri sendri, okaay~!!) But if ever I lied in here.. means that I'm lying to myself. As far as I'm concerned, I never purposedly lie in this blog. I think it's the only thing I have right now that I can really hold on to.. Something real.. my feelings. They're as real as I can feel it.. The only thing that kept me believing that I'm not a soul-less body.
WAHHAHA!! Cam over lak, the way I'm telling it.. but sometimes I do feel that way.. as I said, thinking too much is a curse.. And sometimes I get numb from thinking about certain stuff.. that it got me like a walking zombie.. I HATE!! But I can't stop it from happening every once in a while.. Kekadang rase tak tertanggung semuanye, tapi tak tau camne nak lepaskan. Felt like screaming.. but I don't want to be heard!
Wanie rase.. lagi pusing pusing Wanie cerita pasal something.. lagi dekat dengan truth menda tu.. Entahlaa! Rasenye, telling the truth are harder than telling lies, 'aight? And it's harder to find the words to express the very feelings you have right then.. Hehhe.. but I do remember how sometimes I took such a loooong time to finish an entry sebab susah nak express the things I'd like to say. Benci gak aa.. By the time I finished, I felt stupid and all I wanted to do next is just clear it out.. tapi cam, buat penat je plak! So.. I hit the Post & Publish button!
Dahlaa.. penat sebenanye nie... Went to Cyberpark.. dengan harapan bole dapatkan shot shot sunset yang menarik.. but the clouds were covering the sun.. So, me and Ana walked along the park.. taking silly pictures as Fina, BJ and Nana set up their cameras.. just in case~! (Amal was there as well... he drove us there~! Thanks encik Amal!!)
Owh owh!! That bj baik hati..!!!! entry was posted by BJ herself!!! Tak tau malu btol~ Adekee hijack comp orang pastu mempergunakan blogger orang!! Go mess around in your own~! Oh ye.. BJ.. remember what I keep telling you these days?? SAVE UP, HONEY!!

yadda yadda yaddaaa~


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