Monday, October 06, 2003

169.254.203 yadda yaddaaa~

Stupid network!!
Just before I got back from a day's out with Asha and Dzayed, the electricity was off (on the fan's side)! So demm hot, but heyy! My computer is still working!!... NOT!! Well, electricity DOES runs through it.. but no network!! Arrghhh!! And I was so enthusiastic about doing my Design work! Atoiii~©asha&dzayed Thanks you two! Managed to catch a glimpse of those powerboats at the Err.. it goes something like that! Tried to do 'panning'. Hope some of it went right! huhuuu~ Kinda worried of my super-impose/multiple exposures, really! Since I'm using a fully-manual camera (loving it!!) it is possible to get the frames overlapped! huhuu~ (happened oledi.. when I tested it somewhere last week..) :( Atoii~© So worried!!
O yeah, did I mention that I'm on Kak Mai's pc? Well, so it happens, that the whole block is NOT connected with the network BUT Kak Mai's and Kak Siti's!! Isn't that just unfair?!! Huwaaaaaaa!! I want network on my pc too~!! :(
Humm.. better get back to sleep. Still down with the flu and a Chipsmore-style fever. "Kejap ada, kejap takde~"

Flop Poppy - Rest Of My Life
Can't wait 'til 3rd sem, ya Asha!! Hope we'll get through this semester just fine.. :D


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