Monday, October 27, 2003

1st of Ramadhan...

Selamat berpuase semuaaa~!!
My first day of Ramadhan was pretty okay.. even though I was away from home.. ehee~
Actually got back to MMU yesterday, but I went straight to Mojjo's place and spent the night there.. watching telly and playing SAIDINA while we 'sketched' some things for Design Process. :D
Didn't get any sleep until we got back from sahur in Puchong with Dzayed and two of his friends.. And that was... around 6! So we managed to get some shut eye until 8, which then we woke up to get ready for Malaysian Studies at 9. Agak bongok laa.. our presentation.. huhuu.. Coz they (my groupmates who were working on the presentation) didn't get to finish their speech, and Zatul just told them to summarize everything. It was kinda a put-down.
Okay, then I headed back to Mojjo's place with her, and rest some while and went out for KL. Developed their (Mojjo and Dzayed) lomo films. It was fantastic!!! Totally awesome! I wish I could show you guys those wondeful pictures but sadly, I don't have a scanner with me right here...
Okayy!! Going to stop right there 'coz I have a bigger announcement!
I am officially an aunt!!
hahahaaa!! Nina gave birth to a reaaaally kawaai litte girl!! She's very small.. and she has this cute lil nose. Rambut sangat lebat.. pipi sangat gebu!! Wish I could hold her but I was too afraid.. she looked really fragile.. Thanks Dzayed!! And Mojjo too!! 'Coz they pretty much brought me to the hospital to visit Nina. heehee~!
Seems like I'll be going back this weekend after all! Saye nak jumpe anak sedare pertama sayeee!! weeeee~!

okehh! very tired right now.. should get my sleep, shouldn't I?
Gudnight dear friends.. no matter where you are.. :)


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