Thursday, October 30, 2003

5th post for today!!

hahaha!! I've been posting such loads today!
Okay! what should I say in this post..
O yeah.. wish I had brought my digicam along this week.. but it's at home.. probably being used to take loads of Anis' pics! heehee~ :D
Went to Design Process in the afternoon for nothing, considering we (Bahijah, Anaconda, Asha and myself) didn't do anything much to consult. huhuu~ Ana recieved a love letter.. hohoho! You're procrastinating (spelling?) too much, kiddo!! gRrRrR! X(
Umm.. then, me, Bahijah and Asha spent the rest of the afternoon in the tv room talking.. And when Ana came to join us.. so I went up to my room to get the Saidina board and we played there. Bahijah won the game overall and I was second.. Asha third and Ana last.. the sum of her whole property was only 6 thousand something, I think! hahha!! And Bahijah's was 21 thousand! kekekke! Melampau ekk?? heehee~!
While we were in the room, we watched a Thai series and it was horribly funny!! It was supposedly serious.. but it was uncontrollably funny!! kekkeke! And there were lots of other people in the room as well (as we were playing Saidina loudly) watching the series.. and everyone was laughing around too! heehee~
Near 6, Bahijah myself and Asha met up with Dzayed and we went to the bazaar at Putrajaya! (Ana already left to meet up Jai) We were a bit late, really.. but we managed to spend uncontrollably anyways! hahha!
We ate near the Putra mosque.. picnic-ing! heehee~! It was loads of fun.. :D Got back here at around 8..
Kinda sleepy right now.. was lacking of sleep.. so I better rest...


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