Wednesday, October 15, 2003


hahahha!! Look at the time!! And I kinda JUST got back to my room since like.. 7 o'clock!
The day started with operating systems' class at 8. Right after that we (me and Asha) tagged BJ and Anaconda (ekekke!!) to Bakway near LimKokWing to get their films developed and then to YS to print them out! While waiting (for the film), the four of us went to One Utama and looked around. I'm officially stating here that I truly love shops like Wondermilk and Folio! Mind you.. I 'accidentally' bought some useless things in Wondermilk. ekkeke! Just can't help myself! Another thing about those shops I mentioned, they both sell Lomography cameras! And I think that's really neat!!
Got back to MMU at about.. 5? So I managed to work on the site's template for a while.. but if there's any problem with those pic.. DO TELL! okie?
So at 7 something, me and the girls then went to GEMA!! The errr.. Malay languange concert/competition sort of! ekekke! It was LOADS of fun!! Why?? 'Coz good looking guys are around seihhh!! ekkeke!! Started off with that Hussein guy from Tenggara Performance Club! He's such a GREAT singer!! SANGAT! SANGAT! SANGAT!!! I was motionless for half of the Blues Kambing!! (neat~ talked about cactus, huh!). HAVING TO SEE SOME GUYS THAT CAN REALLY SING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE IS REALLY REALLY NEAT!!!! They all had such great voices!!! Tapi ade laa gak yang sumbang sumbing.. those 2 new groups.. they can't really harmonize perfectly, but all in all.. they're all REALLY cool!!
The performances by students weren't bad as well! Some of them were really nice!! Like Bagus Bangat which sang Gigi's song.. I think they were awesome!! So they DESERVED to win!!
Bagus Bangat.. they've got a girl from Melaka for their drummer!
And those two girls that won.. they were okay, but maaan!! Nyaringnyer bunyikk!! Tak tahan denga diorang!!! But they were okaaay.. :) And then.. O yeah, I SHOULD mention 'bout JobbersScrobbers (hope I spelled this right!) eh? After all.. I do know the 'band'! ekekke!! Funny really.. seeing someone in your same class.. singing on stage. Eh, lagu korang sangat besh!! Tapi menyanyi agak terabur.. harap maaf~ And I never knew Azarul can sing!! Besh weihhh~!!! Part yang dia nyanyi tu cam sangat... 'special'. ekkekek!! And the guitars.. (Azarul la yang paling menyerlah tapinye..) BESH!! Tapi Dar yang start lagu kan? kaaan? GUITARS ARE THE COOLEST!!
Anyways anywaaaays!! While waiting for the results.. guess who was performing...
FLOP POPPY!! :x :x
They are the coolest!! (rase cam poyo gile guna banyak sangat word 'cool'!! ahahha!!) They started with Keliru, and then Andy sung our (me, Asha and BJ) favorite Flop Poppy song - Rest Of My Life!!! We were screaming very much like idiots if you must ask. Mata pon macam nak berair!! AHAHHAHA!! But we really really love that song!! So there's this part when the chorus ended and they were just playing the instruments, me and Asha screamed like crazy (mind you, we were the only ones at that moment!!) and guess what? Guess what???
Andy and the bassist looked our way!!!
It was SO neat!! AHAHHAHA!! We were like.. SooOoOoOoO starstruck!! ekkeeke!!!
So anyways, then they performed Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi, Aku Dan Kamu and Cinta!! They were REALLY NEATTTT!!! And Andy's daughter strongly reminds me of Kisa Souma of Fruits Basket! ekekke!!
okaay.. Then went to Malee to get our late late dinner.. huhuuu~
dzayed & asha!
Lama seihh~!! ekkeke!! So proud of you guys!! :)) aaandd...
19 oledi ya~! ehee! Have a happy year ahead Fina!
So tired!! And I haven't started on the presentation for assignment yett!! Adohh~! Esok bangun pagi la kot! Cam patut tido... Dahlaa blek gelap!! hohoho..

This is such a tiring/fun daayy!! weeee~!


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