Wednesday, October 29, 2003


okaaay.. been cursing quite bad this day..
I am sooooooooooooooo bored!!! This has been the second day that I have the whole day to myself.. No class.. No NOTHING!! Stuck in my room like stupid.. *cursing*
So I do have my assignments.. but come on laa!! Not like I can't do it at night!!! I hate being stuck in this stupid boring *curse* room with nothing interesting to do.. and yes, ASSIGNMENTS ARE PLAIN BORING!!!!!!
*cursing yet again..*
Yesterday I missed my morning class.. so.. that means that I just freed my whole day.. And then Anaconda said that there's Photography today, so I've got myself looking forward to it and then, half an hour before the supposedly-class, she said there were no class, unless I'd like to book for the studio. EYHHH!! Tension nyeeeeeeeee!!! *curse*
I know yesterday I said I was happy with the thoughts that has been filling my time yesterday, but now I'm just cursing at them all.. STOP THE NONSENSE!!!
*cursing cursing* What's getting me so furious... I SHOULD'VE STAYED AT HOME!!! At least I get to see more of Nina's baby!!! GERAMNYERRRRRRRRR!!!! I could've been playing with her 2 days in a row!!! Arghhhhhhhh!!! STUPID MMU!!! I hate you so!!!! *curse*
I hate everything right now...
yeah.. including you!

bad baaad bad daaaaaaay!


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