Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Girls night out!!

ana menikmati garlic cheese nan @ lotus! hahhhaaa~!!It had been a happy--crappy--happy again day for me! yeyyeyyy!!
Okehh.. going to re-write aaaaaaaaaaall the things I've typed earlier! bluerghhh~
The day started off with Asha calling me up, reminding me to go to class (uhuu~) And then.. instead of going to Malaysian Studies.. we (Asha, Ana and myself) actually went to Operating Systems!! Entah kenape ntahh!! Sewel kot Wanie.. langsung terlupa! Pastu ye yeee je bawak Ana ngan Asha masok lecture hall.. sampaaaai la tersempak ngan mamat grup kitorang ingatkan! HAHAHHA!! But then me and Asha were there for only half an hour.. then we went to the tv room and watched [V] Remote Control!! HAHHAHAA~!! Teruk kah? ekekke!!
Then.. when I got to my room, Sheeya was there. :) She was sitting around, waiting for her class at 12. At 2 something, me Asha and Bahijah went to etheatre for our lecture and what did we learn?? Keeping a friendship is very hard!! O yes it is... :(
Anyways, after class.. me and Bahijah went to Asha's house and watched Smallville.. lepas tu, went to take pictures at Putrajaya and had dinner in Presinct (spelling?) 8, which then we saw Alitt with Fairy! ehee~
Got back at around 10.. (tried posting but then it went blank 'coz of the stupid connection!!)
Got bored with the computer and decided to go to sleep, but then Bahijah came to my room saying that she need to save Anaconda!! HAHAHAH~! So it happens that Anaconda went to KL by bus and on her way back to Cyberjaya, something went wrong with her bus and they had to stop. Maka, me and Bahijah got into the car (Bahijah's mom's car..) and drove around the Cyberjaya district looking for a stranded bus.
After picking Anaconda up, she told us some stuff in the car.. So, somehow we decided that we don't really want to study for tomorrow's OS midterm and decided to go out somewhere.
I SMSed Asha and she wanted to tag along!! So after we had our shower.. (err.. at 12 something!) Me and Bahijah picked Anaconda up at HB4 and kidnapped Ana along the way! ekkeke! Then picked Asha in Cyberia.. and somehow.. tersampai lak kat Lotus @ Bangsar!! HAHAHAH!! Makanmakanmakan... :)) Siap ade live band jalan from table to table tuuuh! ekekke! It was a nice feeling, taau! Hanging out with the ones that matters to you.. :)
So!! Dekat kul 3 camtu baruuu laa sampai balek Cyberjaya.. :D
Now I REALLY have to get my sleep.. got OS tutorial in the morning at 8!! Nak siapkan photography laiee... hadohh~!
btw.. Bahijah and Asha are sleeping in my room right now.. :) Thanks you two.. Tengok korang ade berdekatan.. sangat sukaaa! Even though you guys were already asleep...... :)
Gudnite my friends... Thank you for the wonderful experiences you've all brought me!
oh.. Photos will be up umm.. later!

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