Sunday, October 05, 2003

KAK MAI PLAYERRR!!! ekekkeke~!!

Kenape kaaan...
When a couple have been together for a long period of time, the guy would start showing his real self (bad traits starts coming out!) and as for the girl, she would hide herself even more.. trying her best to be the perfect girl for the guy. Kenapa? Don't you think it's unfair? Okay, Wanie tahu, kalau lelaki dah get comfortable.. musti laa dia tak kesah kan dengan girl tu? Cuma.. kenapa perempuan tried so hard to make the guy stay to like her. Memang patut, but why hide herself? Patut she gets comfortable and reveal herself and apa apa jadi lepas tu, they would never leave each other's side. Wanie rase, relationship camtu yang akan kekal lama.. The security that your partner won't leave you no matter what you do! :D Kan? ehee~
Anyways, just thought of saying those from my 'observation' on some of my friends.. (which was kinda funny when I think about it!) Been discussing with Kak Mai about relationships and such.. Kinda fun, really! :D But it's late now, and I don't feel like sharing anything much.. :p
Still having the flu, and I've gotta wake up early tomorrow for more assignment-shooting.

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