Saturday, October 18, 2003

Keluar ajeeee~

ahahha~! muka setengah je.. biol nye bahijah amek gamba.. ekkeek!menikmati light trail la kununnye..
Got to sleep at 4am.. woke up at 11.. got my shower at 12.. Went out with Bahijah, Anaconda, Asha and Dzayed at 1pm.
ehee~ We went to Pertama Complex since Asha wanted to buy some gadget for our Photography assignment. But we ended up with going to Sungai Wang after lunch anyways..
Jalan jalan.. pusing pusing.. I don't know what was running through my friends' minds.. but in mine.. I was imagining myself knocking on my own head.. I forgot about something that I should've done the day before.. huhuu~ But what's the point of regretting kan? Dah lepas.. biarkan ajelahh~
Sedar sedar dah 5:30pm so we decided to get to the car and see around for a good spot to do the light trail :)
Drive punya drive.. ended up taking pictures of highway... mane ntah ni.. Tak tau ape namenye.. ekekke! But the spot was kinda nice! Tak tau laa kan ape Che Mat will say, but I like it anyways! huhh~!!
Then.. sempat main amek gamba memacam with Bahijah's digicam! ehee~ Pictures that were taken will be uploaded somewhere tomorrow, okie! :D


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