Wednesday, October 22, 2003

mojjo: wanieta..

*uhuuu~* that is the new nick that Asha and Bahijah have been calling me with these days...
Okay.. I think I'm going to tell here what I did the rest of yesterday since there was no post.. (been getting myself too tired, lately)
Yesterday.. woke up at 10, missing our (me and Asha) operating systems tutorial with Manoj!! AHAHHAHA! Anyways, then we (me, Asha and Bahijah) got ourselves ready and went to Bakway to get our films developed. While waiting for 3 o'clock (for the slides to be ready) we went to One Utama for our lunch.. and practically waste our time!
After getting our slides, we went to YS to blow up the images. Punyelah ramai orang.. bluerghh!! It had been crappy right then.. blablablaa.. (no mood to elaborate more)
6:45.. finally arrived back in MMU. Spent an hour relaxing and well.. calming ourselves down. 7:45pm, walked off towards the lecture hall for our OS midterm (without reading ANYTHING AT ALL!!) bluerghhh~ 8:45pm, got out from the lecture hall with Asha.. (tak sure la sebab pandai sangat or bongok sangat.. ehee~!!) after seeing a chinese girl submitted her paper, and seeing Bahijah signalling us to come out. Rase cam budak kecik yang duduk kat rumah.. Kawan panggil kat tingkap bilik, ajak keluar main.. :D Get the feeling? :)
Okaaay.. then.. umm.. later last night Papa and Mama came to see me (I needed money! uhuu~) and bawak Nasi Lemak from home. Dida made it lahh! Dengan ade daging masak kicap. :D Rase sangat rindu ngan umah! Remembering lagi 3 weeks Nina due.. ekekke!! Siap pesan kat Papa, bile Nina nak burst, come pick me up no matter what. hehee! Can't wait to get home this Thursday!! weeee~!! :x
Okaylaah~ That's all about yesterday..
Tengah kurang mood sebenanye nihh.. Suddenly hit by a crappy wave..
O yeahh, sebelom terlupa..
Eppy birthday Fairy~!


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