Friday, October 03, 2003


wanie's status is now "{ i wish i was special }" (10/3/2003 8:38 PM)

majin: trust me u r
majin: ;)
majin: u r special la kecik

Thanks Majin for telling me that! :) Kinda needed that. Been feeling a wee down lately. I don't know if it's because of the flu, or just something else. Kenape Majin slalu teka menda yang sangat dekat dengan benda yang Wanie nak rahsiakan? ekkeke! Takut laa!! Always on the verge of telling you the things that I'd like to let out.. but I know I shouldn't be! heehee~ Memang macam abang! Abang besa yang besh!! :D
I don't think my flu's getting any better. Went to see my parents a while some hours ago.. and they kept asking me why I wanted to stay. And when I told them, Papa agreed with it and seemed a bit upset. Sorry Papa! I am only doing this so you won't be any more upset with me. I hate it when I can't look you at the face. I hate it when I had to keep myself quiet when all I wanted to do is yap and yapp! And I hate seeing you walk pass me and not jumping in front of you asking for a hug! It hurts me so bad! Tapi ego kita agak tinggi kan? When we disagreed on something, we'll always keep quiet with ourselves and won't start to talk until the other does. Wanie lah yang selalu rasa rugi. I wonder if you felt the same. ehee~ Sangat sayang Papaa!! I want you to be immortal!! Boleh ke aaa?
I don't think I can ever love any man like I love my dad!! HAHAHHA!! Sorry bakal-pakwe! You have to be somewhat like my dad for me to feel as attached as I do to my dad! hehee~
Kenape bile Wanie start tak sehat, I'll think loads about this? Selalu sangat kannn?? Tapi cam I can't help it! I miss my dad so much but I don't want him to be upset with me around! Biarlaa upset sebab Wanie takde. Getting him upset while I'm around makes me feel disliked. Takmo takmooo~!! I never want to be disliked by the ones I love.. and I really hope that I'm somebody important to the ones I care the most! :)
Adohh~! I want to get well soon, but I hate pills! Bluekk bluekkk!!!



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