Monday, October 06, 2003

Psycho-analyze me..

Quite a horrible day..
I kinda thought that I could've gone into a row with one of my good friends in the afternoon. It would be horrible.. but somehow I managed to keep myself down, and only end up with getting 'merajuk' with her. Managed to get a headache from doing that, though.. uhuu~ Eyy pompuan, you have such a horrible sense of humor, but thank God that you're usually nice! ekkeke!! :p Pening pening~~
Humm.. flu report: it's not coming down yet. And it gets most terrible right after I wake up from my sleep and when it just gets dark outside.. :( Oh, and when I talk so much as well! Benci betul, nak berbual panjang pon susah.. my nose would clog up and I'd end up panting for breath! ekekke!! (biol~)
Today is the second night in a row Papa called just to check on me. ehee~ Am I sensing that he's missing me??? ekkeke!! After all, I only saw him for a bout 20 minutes in the last 7 days! :)) I actually survived the weekend in MMU! Can't believe that it wasn't SO bad at all. Don't misunderstood me, it WAS bad.. just not SO bad.. :D Not really sure if I'll be going back this coming weekend.. Humm.. got another 4 days to think about it.. ehee~ Papa doesn't sound well on the phone, though.. Sounds like he's having a flu as well. Eh Papa, kite selsema sama-sama ekk? ekekke! :p Kinda missed home, honestly. 'Coz I heard Dida's voice in the background and somehow I missed shouting around the house with her. ehee~ Ain't that weird? :D Baru seminggu daaa~
Okay, been printing out my Design work.. thank God that the ink's not causing me any trouble.. ehee~ Now I can work with ease!
Been spending the day with Asha and BJ.. agak kelakar, really! First we went to Asha's house and hung out for a while. Then Alitt called BJ to meet her up. So when she got back, we headed to Putrajaya with Dzayed's car! BJ was behind the wheels and gosh!! She was horrifying, driving a manual car!! ekkeke!! But with Asha's guidance (mind you, Asha doesn't have a license while BJ does!) BJ got better and better with the car.. ehee~ Kinda fun.. :)
Still no network on my computer, I really wonder why.. But somehow it doesn't bother me much. 'Coz some days ago someone made me kinda upset and I don't feel like communicating with 'em anytime soon. Bluerghh~! Such a complicated feeling I have inside here.. Wish things were easier.. By the way, Thanks Kak Mai for letting me use your pc for a while! :)
Well, going back to do my assignments then..

head aches


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