Friday, October 10, 2003

Su-Mi and Su-Yong

Tale Of Two Sisters
IT WAS TOTALLY COOL!! You peeps HAVE to see it! Me, BJ, Asha and Dzayed got to see the first show at 9:15, and I have to say, IT WAS SO NEAT!! I guess we really enjoyed the story-line and the cinematography. Well, nothing's really new, but they did quite a good job for a horror movie. The cinema was kinda fun, really! It became some sort of a wild ride, somehow. Girls were screaming.. and a moment later the whole room laughed. ekkeke! (laughed at the ones who screamed earlier) It was honestly tiring.. watching the film. It started off slow.. so your head will get busy wondering when the 'action' will start, but when it did.. you'll have fun! At least I did! (the good seats might have helped!) :D Not gonna tell you what's the storyline.. it'll spoil the whole thing! weeeeeeee~
Thanks Dzayed~!!! Kamu sungguh cool! You're one of the few real cool people that I've met!! HAHHAA~
Been getting crazy over Ayame Souma right now. I think he's fantastic!! His character with Shigure is just fantastic!! AHHAHAA~ ©Ayame
Been trying to do that multiple exposure for photography but I think it'll turn out crappy! SUSAH SEIHH!! But it's nice to try new things out. I mean, Papa never taught me about those stuff. Papa has always been into 'events' photography, so I can see why he got pretty enthusiastic to help me out. :D
O yeah, my depression period has passed for the moment, I guess.. Feeling a lil' bit lighter today.. :) Maybe 'coz I have GREAT friends to thank for. Asha, Bahijah, Ana!! You guys are the best!! So glad that I've come to know you..

Nemui desu! "Ja~ byebye!" ©Ayame!


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