Monday, October 13, 2003

Teh tarik.. teh tarik.. lalalalalaaa~

ekekke~! Silly little song! It kept playing in TESCO Damansara when I went there yesterday afternoon and it got me and Dida crazy! What sort of crazy? Well, so it happens that we can't stop singing the song and even my dad had to tell us off! (which only worked for only half a second!) ekkeke!! Poor Papa and Mama had to listen to us all the way of the car ride. Honestly.. the song was ghostly!!
Okay peeps, look at the date right now and remember.. 2 months away from my birthday~!! I honestly don't know why I'm making such a big fuss over it! ekkeke! So anyways! You have exactly two months to start saving up so you can get me something! AHAHHAHA!! If you're wondering what you should get me.. A guitar would be nice! AHAHHAHA!! I mean, if at least I get two guitars, I could probably 'sacrifice' one and see what it feels to actually smash one like in those 'rock-ish' video clips! That ought to be nice! AHHAHAHA!! If not, humm.. a set of Tarot Card would be nice too! AHAHHAHA!! Been talking and yapping about getting it but STILL, I haven't got it! But if you do get me those.. then you're kinda in this 'plot' of some sort of syirik thing laa! AHAHHAHA!! (if you believed in those cards, you will!~) O well.. if not, you can still get me a teddy bear! ekkeke! Can't believe that after all these years, I still dig those! huhuu~ My old one needs replacing! ekekke! Oh, BJ and Ana.. you still remember my special request didn't you? ekkeke!! Start working!! AHAHHAHA!!
I think I may have been infected with Ayame's craziness.. ehee~
Okay.. being at home for the weekend actually made me.. A bit relaxed! For a moment I was relieved from a some sort of a 'depression' air. I can actually think and feel beyond those phase. Alhamdulillah~ Got my mind set all over again. And I'm truthfully relieved! But now I'm back here again.. So I'm kinda scared if I'll ever drop off to that 'place' again. It's mind-boggling how I can see things.. in a such heart-breaking scene.. when everything was really.. fine. Humm.. kinda hard to explain!
Okaylaaah~ I'm getting drowsy by the minute! Need the rest that I should've get since the afternoon. Have a great week ahead, people!
Currently listening to Lilitan Asmara by Misha Omar (really like her!)

Teh tarik.. teh tarik.. hummhumhumhummhummm~


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