Sunday, November 09, 2003

... ... ...

1. spent the whole day in my room, in front of the computer, chatting.
2. saw Ana and Jai in the car while me and Bahijah were waiting for Asha and Dzayed at the zebra-crossing.
3. saw the couple again on the road towards Putra. They had a flat tire and we stopped a while to WATCH. heehee~
4. went to Selera Putra but there was no parking; there was an event so we somehow ended up in IOI Mall.
5. stopped at Esso before-hand for break-fast 'coz we got out late. Had some drummets and we threw the bones out through the window. hahaa~!
6. dined in Kenny Roger's Roasters.
7. back again somewhere around 10, going to see Asha and Dzayed again for sahur later.
8. thinking of doing my assignment... should I? :D



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