Wednesday, November 19, 2003


sorry if I'm posting too much, but since the break is coming.. I just have this tendency to post more and more 'coz I won't get to online as much as I want.. :p
Just got back from sahur with Prisca and Lily.. heehee.. seemed like we're getting into more 'mature' subjects everytime we strike a conversation.. but all is good! :)
Prisc is getting really okay with Yen's car.. heehee! And Yen's so cool to let her drive as much as she does these days..!
Imagining myself having a large Rhumba.. I don't know.. Just felt like getting myself "high" for not being able to get sleep 'coz of the caffeine! ekkeke!!
But I should get some sleep now.
Photography submission in the morning.. :-S

why do I feel like time is wasted..?


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