Saturday, November 15, 2003

how 'serious' I can be

humm.. see it how you'd like to see it.
could I accidentally misspelled the word "viva".. or could I have purposedly misspelled a certain curse word in the Malay language? humm.. let's think it together...

sometimes I just feel you so, but sometimes I am just numb.. that's how serious I am about all these. sometimes I see this as a total waste of time. but it's my time to waste, and I happen to have so much time in my hands these days. kinda crappy sometimes. but somehow I just can't help it.

"ignore me.." this goes to whomever that think it means any meaning to them. you can really annoy me sometimes. can't believe how I can get mad at you at times. you can be such a crappy crappy friend, you know that?? trusting you can be my worst mistake. putting any hope on you can be such a big mistake when now I see that you're not at all dependable. but yet again, it's myself to blame.. why should I depend on anyone?? my mistake.. as always. it has always been my mistake.

I am having my period, I don't have time to THINK of what I should or should not say. I am 'surprisingly' more blunt at these times. and I will not beg for your pardon for saying this 'coz this is who I am.. and if you think I'm too much, don't bear me! I can't bear you as well..
so! which vavi do you think I mentioned earlier?

it's a wonder how I don't even feel the slightest guilt...


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