Friday, November 14, 2003

Sweetpea Tighfield of Tookbank

heehee.. I'm fine now.. :D
Okay, some of my friends went to this site. heehee~ I think I did it before.. and I did! :D The site has been there for a long time, really. And I think I did the name stuff around the first movie's installment. heehee~ Used to even type out all my close friends' name. heehee.. (excited) Name saye sangat cute~ :x ekekke!
In a liking of this conversation I had last night with Ablen.. Though I'm not really sure if we're really talking about the same things here.. ekkeke! Ignore this if you think it's too long to read.. :D

ablen (2:03:55 AM): 'somethin' better than this'... pretty interestin'
ablen (2:04:49 AM): do u want to just keep waiting ??? kalau btol la ader kaitan ngan real life
wanie (2:05:20 AM): maybe...
wanie (2:05:22 AM): sebab
wanie (2:05:55 AM): settling for what i have right now won't make me content for long
ablen (2:08:10 AM): so u just want to keep waiting.. n waiting.. ??
wanie (2:08:43 AM): i'll wait until i get bored of it
wanie (2:09:06 AM): sebab tak taaau
wanie (2:09:17 AM): ntah2 tunggu laie sket je dapat ape yg lebih baik tu
ablen (2:09:42 AM): y don't u make a move to make it quick a lil'..
wanie (2:10:20 AM): move like how?
wanie (2:11:11 AM): maybe somethings are better left alone
wanie (2:11:17 AM): maybe ajelahh
wanie (2:11:18 AM): heehee
ablen (2:11:26 AM): half of it
ablen (2:11:39 AM): is true~
ablen (2:11:41 AM): hehe
wanie (2:11:52 AM): heehee
wanie (2:12:10 AM): lagipun, waiting shows how much i wanted it
wanie (2:12:32 AM): kalo saje2 je.. waiting mmg buang mase
ablen (2:12:40 AM): macamana kalau tunggu2 pon takder jugak ??
wanie (2:12:46 AM): then it's fate lah
wanie (2:12:53 AM): cemane ekk
wanie (2:13:01 AM): pikir ayat jap
ablen (2:13:04 AM): hehe
wanie (2:13:27 AM): saye taknak move sbb saye sendri tak btol2 pasti mmg itu yg saye nak
wanie (2:13:32 AM): so saye tunggu ajelah
wanie (2:13:48 AM): sementara tunggu.. pikir2 jugek
wanie (2:13:52 AM): tak buang mase
ablen (2:14:00 AM): i like that~.. hehe
ablen (2:14:23 AM): so.. if u 100% sure that u want it.. u will make move ??
wanie (2:14:48 AM): umm.. maybe move sikit lah kot
wanie (2:14:53 AM): lebih ade effort
wanie (2:15:00 AM): cam now let things be aje
ablen (2:15:33 AM): hmm hmm
wanie (2:15:47 AM): heehee
ablen (2:16:31 AM): wanie mmg btol2 pandai susun ayat ye~
wanie (2:16:58 AM): :"> domo arigatou~

You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
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ekekke! kinda interesting for the fact that Ablen said these last night.. :p

ablen (3:05:23 AM): manje tol
ablen (3:05:41 AM): mmg manje
ablen (3:05:42 AM): hoho~ :D
wanie (3:05:44 AM): :p
ablen (3:06:00 AM): hope ur future bf can handle that

hehhe! I hope he can handle me too lah~! :)) ehh.. I keep getting different results of those Quizzillas from my friends lah! Coz all Ana, Asha and Bahijah got -Perfect Girlfriend-.. even Majin (and Dar too!) is a perfect girlfriend for some guy out there! ekekek! O well, I AM imperfect.. :p
Ohh.. sorry girl, for not choosing to go with you. I'm needing a "me" time right here.. :)

notice how empty this post really is?


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