Wednesday, December 31, 2003


heehee.. tersedak budak tu kat umah~! (i have a friend from school nicknamed after that..) wonder what he's doing now, though.. teringat those days playing volley ball with those school peeps.. abu dzar.. :x hahahhahah!! (laughed 'coz i had a minor crush on that guy in form 2.. my friends tried to match-make us back then.. hohoho) haikal menyebok, watching over from outside the court.. me shout over to musz so she'll be ready for my serve.. berlagak lagak ngan sabrina and nelly.. azalea skali.. hanis malu malu nak join.. arep menyanyi sumbang denga walkman.. zaki main cam gila.. some other guys (can't remember their names any longer!) sangat posessive over the ball.. ekkeke! juniors watching us play.. only si siape-ntah-tu namenye (lupaaaaa!) was brave enough to come and join us play.. ohh! farah was her name.. koyakkan my galaxie magazine once 'coz there was a creed poster in it. heehee~ puan indon, brought over the net and balls and just left to let us play.. :x weeeeeeeeee~!
school days were funnnn!!! rinduuunyeee.. pejam celik pejam celik.. 2 years have passed, and i haven't seen my school teachers since the past year.. (haven't visit the school since last year..) rindu puan sahariah!! best malay/history teacher ever! selalu halau wanie balek kelas 'coz i won't leave hanis' class after recess. heehee~! terok betul bila ingat balek.. i would never leave hanis' class after recess until her teacher came in.. and usually, by that time there's already a teacher in my class.. masuk buat tak tahu aje dah lambat.. ekkekeke!
really missed running around school as if i was on an errand when the fact was i was just skipping some class.. ekekkeke! hadohh~! rindunyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

o yeah.. i was drinking to cincau just now.. and that brought me all those memories.. ekkeke! ohh, tahu taaaak, cincau kat mmu ngan kat giant hypermarket/supermarket beza sampai 55sen?!! sebab tu wanie ade 6 tin air cincau kat blek ni, bawak dari umah.. ekekkeke!! mahal sangat beli sini :( :)) ohh, and proudly to say that papa started drinking cincau since i've gotten crazy for it! hahhahaha!!
influential, aren't i? ekekkeke.. :p

last night was a lot of work...
wanted to bug lily at her room but turns out she was going out with encik anis.. humm.. so i was forced to get on my own bed... bluerghhh~ but it was an achievement, though.. was asleep at 4 something rather than 6! :)
itupon entah berape kali bace ayat Qursi.. selawat memanjang.. bismillah puluh puluh kali..
i think i got to sleep 'coz of tired reading all those things.. closed my eyes.. ignoring my hard-pounding heart.. quite a tough night.. i think the problem was not of the place.. (of course!) but myself.. surely i'm the problemed one..
even bace sumer tu tak bantu sangat.. hati tak tenang.. sebab tak semayang kot! (hohho.. mengaku!)
adohaai wanie~ bile laaa nak ubaahhh! even belba got tired of lecturing.. hummph!
i really can't take another night being bored and haunted by my own thoughts.. :(

long post ahead..

another year is about to pass in about 12 hours time..! let's recap my 'achievements' on my resolution for the year.. hohoho..
according to my last year's post.. number one of my resolution was to not trust people's word easily.. (you can check my list on the december archive.. heehee!) i'd say.. i haven't yet succeed in that.. but i come to find that it wasn't so wrong trusting in most of them.. :D i've come to deal with some broken-promises all the year, so i believe that i can trust people as much as i want.. 'coz i know whose to trust and whose not.. heehee~
second on my list was to learn to express myself better.. humm.. i guess i'm getting better to that.. my honesty gets me into trouble sometimes, but it helps in a long way run.. :D and if according to my reason for resoluting to that.. i think it's in my nature not to have heavy heaaaaavy thoughts in my head while i'm by people's side.. heehee~! smiling is good lahh! :D :p
number three was be more independent. HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i don't remember even trying to be so through this year. ekekkeke!! hadoii~ terok nye sayeee.. i guess it's just hard to be independent when you have sooo many great people you can truly depend on.. :x takpelaah, maybe next year i'll try that one. :D
number four.. less y!m, more studying.. less doodle, more of notes.. HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA!!! i'm hopeless on this one. i tried.. i did tried.. but it's not my fault that chatting was more interesting.. entertaining and lagi besttt than studying.. and doodling was more fun than listening to lectures! ekkekekeke!! :p
the last one on my list was to eat more.. ekekkeke!! hopeless on that one either.. hummph! entah bila nak get out from being under-weight like this.. :| cikeding cikeding.. have to ganbatte with prisca on this one! bella started having her weight-gain when she met abang min and got together with him.. i'm getting together with no one right now.. so.. cannot be helped lah yee.. ekekkeke! but prisca have drogo and she's still the same.. humm.. high metabolism kot! :D logik kee prisc?

this year was awesome!! (well, not quite ended yet, has it?)
a bit crazy to the head but 2003 is/was amazing!!

new year's resolution!!
-- not available --
i don't know what i should resolute this year.. nyeeee~
it's so hard to resolute on something when the day is going pretty good. heehee~! it's 1:00 o'clock, and i ida hazwanie am content... ekekke
it may change in the next hour though.. :p

this year... has been greattt!!
i just realized that this year has been sooooo great on the relationship side.. :D
though i've been single through the rest of this year.. ekkekekeke!! (hanis and dayat was amazed when they realized that.. jahat betol!! :p ) but i've had such loads of great friendss!!!
did you know?
that i've really gotten to know asha.. bahijah.. and dar early this year?
heehee.. i'm so thankful for that. great people!! (at least they are in my thoughts..) doesn't matter if they didn't think of me as a close friend.. but i do think of them as some close people.. dear to my heart lahh!! :x
what matters is what i think! me me meeeeee!! ekekkeke! :p
lupa nak mention.. kenal dzayed gak tahun nieee~ ekekkeke! itu kawan saye umor 6 tahun.. heehee~

lagu ni macam sesuai ditujukan kat seseorang..
Build Me Up Buttercup by Save Ferris

Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down and mess me around yeah
And worst of all you never call, baby
When you say you will but I need you still
I need you more than anyone, darling*
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart

"I'll be over at ten", you tell me time and again
But you're late, I wait around and then
I went to the door, I can't take any more
It's not you, why do you treat me bad?

Baby, baby, I try to find
A little time well I'll make you mine
I'll be home
Waiting by the phone waiting for you
Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down and mess me around
Yeah and then worst of all you never call, baby
When you say you will but I need you still
I need you more than anything, darlin'
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart

You were a toy but you could be the boy I adore
If you'd just let me know
I've build you up to, I'm attracted to you more and more
Well, what can I say?

Baby, baby, I try to find
A little time well I'll make you mine
I'm alone
Waiting by the phone for you
Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down and mess me around
Yeah, worst of all you never call, baby
When you say you will but I need you still
I need you more than anything, darling
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart

Why do you build me up, Buttercup baby
Just to let me down, and mess me around
Yeah, worst of all, you never call baby
When you say you will, but I need you still
I need you, more than anything darling
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart.

* ekkekekeke! :p
the truth is i kinda like this song, and skali macam leh ngengade tujukan kat orang lak!
the time now is 1:40 pm :D

waiting for papa to come over with moneyyyyy and kfc! ekkekeke!
i can't save up.. i can never save up.. paling banyak wanie bole pegang is rm60.. for a week! then i'll spend it on some measly small small unpractical things.. ekkekeke! aaaaaaaalways like that! ekekkekeke!
this have been in my head everytime i am splurging; "simpan duit pon untuk apee... untuk belanjekan kaaannn?" ekkekeke!! terok betol!!
the only thing that saves me from spending is the fact that i am money-less! kalo taaaak, hadoooiiii~!
y'know, the wish list that i made.. there's 22 things/perkara on it.. 19 requires me to have more money.. extra extra money! menakutkan tak?? nanti dapat ptptn.. i hope i can control myself from splurging heavily.. hadohh~!

adohh! tatau ape nak taip daaaah!
such a long post, this one.. ekekkeke!
20 years old daaah... same tua ngan shahnon.. ekekekke!

okehh! papa coming in 5 mins..
this ought to be a whole day's worth of post okie..

2:25 pm hoyehh kfc~! and a working keyboard too! changed mine with the one at home.. :x but no network pulaak.. :( baru ingat nak sambung bual.. heehee~
bestnyee dah ade duit.. weeee~! ekekkeke! :p
in the car with Papa, there were Dida, Nina aaaand.. IZZATI~!!!
best sangaaaaat!! been 2 weeks since i last saw her.. she's grown laaah! seluar dia dah tak panjang sangat.. her foot fitted nicely. heehee~ rindunyeeee!! and weekend ni tak balek la pulak tuu!! sedih betul.. :(
Nina will be living in Seremban when Abang Min transfers.. humm.. Lagi rindu laa gamaknyeee!! :(
then tadi bumped into majin.. hohoho! terkantoi, oops! :p he brought my LOTR book in his bag!! weee~!! Hepi hepi!!! rase tak caye buku ade depan mate time tu.. tergedik kejap.. ekkeke!
nak inteneettt!! nak buaaaal!!! hummph! :(
makan lah camnie...
eh! time now is 2:34 pm.. heehee!

6:00 pm.. just got back from norman's room!! agak.. menyampahkan ye dia! hohho! did a recording in his room.. agak.. kelakar.. kinda hated it in some way.. but heck! it was the first recording.. logic laa buduh aje.. esok lusa we'll have to get the song from his computer.. (sadly he doesn't own a burner..) :(

okehh!! rasenye kene post skarang sebab probably going out with some friends.. but somehow i doubt that i'll have fun.. isykk! kenape ye?
o well..

hope you'll be blessed with happiness and joy through out next year..
hope i'll be blessed with something else even GREATER! ekkekeke!!

lampu hijauku sentiasa menyala nyala untuk kamu


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