Tuesday, December 30, 2003

losing my head.

i hate nights.. i hate nights.. i hate nights..
thank you ablen for keeping me company 'til the morning..! huhuuu~
i'm getting even more pathetic each day..
i can't control my thoughts any longer!! boncitnyeeeeeeeeee!!!
bahijah!! if i have another night like last night, i'll be sleeping with you okaay! i hate sleeping alone.. boncit boncit boncit!!
stupid stupid thoughts!!
my days are haunted by confusion and insecurities...
my nights are haunted by the thoughts of 'other beings'..
thank you thank you thank you..
thank you ablennn!
i am pathetic.. i know i knoooowwww
macam kanak kanak yang menyampahkannn!
i even hate myself for having those thoughts!!



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