Thursday, December 18, 2003


Bug me.. annoy me.. hurt me.. confuse me..
Everything's too good right now that it won't get me down.. I won't let it!!
The time's now 8:12 pm and I'm just counting the time for me and Dida to leave house and watch LOTR!! We're SO lucky!! :D I'M so lucky.. :)) I have the best people around to surround me. :x
Hugs to those who think they're deserving.. heehee~! Sayaaaaaaangg!! (nak guna word tu jugaak!) :D
I am pretty much feeling sick right now. I'm having a sore throat.. I can't stop from coughing.. My nose itches.. and it's starting to run. :( Terjangkit from Kak Yan sebab I messaged her shoutbox. ekkeke! :p But it's okaaay.. I am feeling way too good to let that bug me too much.
Why.. of course I am not JUST excited about the LOTR ticket.. Oh noo~ :p
The day started kinda crappy.. yess.. But it turned out terrific after all~!! :x
8:45 am.. Dzayed and Asha picked Bahijah, Ana and myself up! :D
It's amazing of what we had to go through to get the Gold Class tickets.. We arrived at GSC on 9:30 am and we were the 29th customer!! (the counter hasn't even open yet!!) By the time we get to the counter.. (11 am~!!) most of the seats were taken.. and the only show that's left was for the 10:45 am and 2:45 pm of next Tuesday! (so I was wrong about yesterday's statement, oops~!) But heck!! We bought the 10:45 am anyways!! So.. bakal ponteng MCA laie la gamaknye.. HAHH-HAAA~!!
O well.. they.. or one of them.. who cares.. :p paid for my seat as a birthday gift! :D Domo arigatou~! Totemo daisuki desu!! :x
After getting our tickets.. We had brunch at that laksa place.. ekkeke!! Kegilaan si Asha and Bahijah. I had a bowl myself, but as always.. I just can't finish the whole. Not my thing lah! :p And Asha and Bahijah loved it so much! :p It was Ana's first time dining there.. :)
After that we walked around.. Bahijah shopped some bits.. She bought herself the sweater she was longing in Zara.. :) And Ana was asked to try on some pieces there.. ekkeke!! Ye laa kan.. Kateee Twiggy.. ekkeke! :p (she got a haircut like the famous 50s model..) Then we walk around some more.. until we arrived around the Dockers shop.. where there's the Starbucks!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH~!!
*caffeined mode*
Had my favorite RHUMBA FRAPPUCINO in VENTI of course!! HAHHAHAHA~!! Asha had the same drink in Tall.. Dzayed had Espresso Frappucino (was it a frappucino??) in B.. umm.. well.. the regular size.. And Bahijah had her usual.. sour.. maroon-colored drink. ekkeke!! I don't know what was the name.. ekkeke!
Okay.. enough about what we ordered.. The story about it was.. Bahijah and Ana went missing for some while and finally came back with a Secret Recipe's bag.. Bahijah took it out and said; "..and this is for Wanieeee~" It was a piece of Banana Chocolate cake which we all shared!!! HAHHAHA!!
They sang for me and I blew the candle out.. HAHAHHA~!! Thanks guys.. :x
Did I made a wish? Err... well, yeah~ I know things won't happen with me WISHING about it, but hey! I have nothing to lose by wishing, 'aight? :D What did I wish for?? Well, I only had two words in my head that time.. With three letters on each word.. ekkeke!! So it was ... ...~!! ekkeke!! Kalau hebat, try la tekaa! HAHHAHAH! :p
Anyways!! Hung there for SOME while!! I had fun.. :D
Afterwards we took some pix on that sticker machine.. it was hilarious!! It was fun.. But I wished the pix were in a better quality! :(
O well.. The day was great!! ekkeke!! :x
Then went back to MMU somewhere around 4:30 pm (?) and when I got there.. Dida was already waiting to get me back home!! :)
I am having a runny nose and some achy parts at my body.. throat.. back.. blablablaa... but I am HAPPY!!

need some rest, now..
[ 9:31 pm of December 17th ]


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