Tuesday, December 30, 2003

rase patut kene ketuk someone

dah.. malas nak layan..
benci gile jadi..
give up.. go away.. byebye

i have one silly friend..
wanie: takleh tido balek
wanie: getting ideas.....
lily: adoiiii
lily: wanie wanieee
lily: ur imagination becomes worst
wanie: i knooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
lily: how mehh
lily: meh esok gi bomoh
wanie: adohhhhhhhhhhh
lily: hahahha
lily: bomoh cintaaa!~
wanie: ahahhahahahhahahhaha
wanie: ngong

terok betul! we weren't even talking about love things.. biol punye budaaaaak! tapi best! at least adeee gak orang nak layan.. heehee.. bahijah, love yaa! :D
remembered dayat's words in the afternoon.. "tinggikan ego.. jual lagi mahal!" ahhahahaha!! that was like the SILLIEST advice i've ever gotten from her. disebabkan dia tadi i've been chatting to some people about 'jual mahal'! ngong betul~!

seemed like i'm going nowhere no matter how i tried..
rase cam memang nak biarkan aje..
stupid persistance.. hurts myself again and again..
macam kebodohan yang tak terkira...
hope is a dangerous thing when you get yourself to my stage..
stupidity is dangerous too...

maseh rase geram.. adelaa tahap sampai nak baling kasut..
why would you care..


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