Monday, December 15, 2003

a school picture.. and a thought..

Been browsing through my old pix..
And there's one that really caught my attention some way..
It was my school picture. While I was in Form 5.. A picture of the whole class. We were all standing in front of the blackboard..
What really caught my eyes were the supposedly-motivational words at the top wall..
Since we cannot get what we like, let us like what we get..
At that time.. I thought, "how cool was that?!" I really liked that line. Our class was so different than the others.. The others would have those things like, 'don't study hard, study smart'. ekkeke!! And ours was so casual.. and I thought, "yeah, I should hold on to that! Why bother pursuing the thing I like when I just can't have it?"
But... it seemed too easy!
How can I ever settle??
You can never be REALLY happy unless you get the one that you thought is best!
Kan? :)
I used to like what I get.. Sure.. I HAVE to like the results that I get.. ekkeke!! With the "effort" I put myself into.. I should be THANKFUL for what I get. Though I'm not really "brilliant", at least I get through.. :D ekekke! And heyy! Some people even said that I was "smart" whaaat!! HAHAHAHH!! I am easy to settle at things like that.. :D Terok betul~!!!
But seriously.. I shouldn't, kan?
So what am I holding onto now?
I don't know what to hold on...
But I do know.. that I won't let go of what I like.. :D Takpe ekk? I'll like what I get.. but I like the one that I like better... ekkeke!! :D And no one really prooved that I can't get it. ekekke!!
Who knows kan?? Things change...
And I always believe that there'll be a happy ending one day!!! HAHAHHAH!! Sorry.. can't stop myself from feeling that way. :D

Best ke tulis blog?
Maybe not.. Sometimes I talk and feel too much.. and the fact is.. I'm really talking to myself..!
Sometimes I get sad for no reason at all..
My head is battling with my heart
A line from Sway by Bic Runga.. Hate it when it happens..
Sometimes my head is too rational for my heart while it's just being too emotional!!
Tak sukanye bila ingat baleeeeeeeek!!!
Okay!! Better stop talking or I'll remember too much things.. I am feeling pretty pleasant right now and I shouldn't ruin it by thinking too much things that I can forget!!

p.s= really like kak kaoru's new layout!!!! :D (kak kaoru!!) :))

udah udaah udaaaahhhh!!


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