Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Jeff won!!!! ahhahah!! Of course not!
O well.. I like him best in every season of Survivor.. :D He's such a great host.. Heck! I just like him.. so I'm truthfully blind.. :|
Sandra wonn!! wooh~! She's worthy of winning the title than Lill.. (bluerghh~!!) ekekke!!
Asha spoiled the surprise when she told me who won while we were having dinner at Malee with Dzayed.. (of course!) JAHAT BETUL~!
Anyways.. watched the show with Anaconda and Sherry (is that her name?) She was neat to talk to! Get to kutuk kutuk altogether! ekekke!
And I kept going on the phone with Dida everytime it goes to commercial.. :)) Kutuk kutuk some more! ekkeke!!

O well.. somehow I lost interest in talking..


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