Wednesday, December 17, 2003


... Having an excrutiating pain somewhere about my tummy.. :(
Bahijah brought up the possibility of period-pain. I had to ask her, "where should it hurt if it's period-pain?".. And so.. It could be certainly.. my first period-pain since I started having this cycle. Adehhh~
There's no internet connection right now.. so I tried sleeping but my tummy aches badly, I can't get my eyes to close. :( What's making things worse.. I'm having a cough right now and everytime I coughed, my tummy aches even more. Kenape ade period-pain ni pulaaaaaaaaak??!!!! Tak penah penaaaaah!! TENSEN NYERRRR!!!!!
The one thing that pleases me right now is the 2 tickets to The Lord Of The Rings : The Return Of The King for tomorrow midnight's show. :) Going to catch it with Dida.. I guess the tickets will be her birthday present from me. Isn't it just neat? Her birthday is on the 18th and she'll get to see the movie right on that night! :) Dida, admit it that I'm a great baby sister!!! HAHAHHAHA!! Despite all those things we said and did to each other.. :D (I have a bad mouth and she have two hurtful arms..) ekekke!
Somewhat having a small problem on the incoming group project.. humm.. Hope it'll turn out okay. :)
Planned on a ticket hunt tomorrow morning with Asha, Dzayed and Bahijah. We planned on seeing LOTR : TROTK together maybe next week. Gold Class tickets. Tried getting it this morning but it was sold out!! No thanks to the jams we had down the highway! X( So hopefully we all can get up early so we could be there at 10. After all.. there's only 120 tickets for grabs per day! Hopefully we'll get to see the movie in the Gold Class theatre next Wednesday!! (yeah, any earlier than that was already sold out!)
Hmm.. the LOTR Marathon at GSC Midvalley will start in about an hour...
Gue sedang kepingin Starbucks' Ice Blended Rhumba Frappucino... :|
I think I should spend the rest of my Raya money on something.. that is not practical..! Terase nak beli blusher.. hahahaha!! I am so pale!! I look sick everday! (well, of course I am..) But I get tired of getting lectured. :( I am NOT going to eat paru, hati and all that okaaaaaayyyy!!! Give me kailan anytime.. itu takpe.. Just don't ask me to eat those parts yang 'pelik'! Tak skeeeeeeee!!!
But I only have RM50 left in my wallet!! :( Takpelah~ Gara gara tiket wayang.. :) Three days left of school this week. Can I survive? :D O well, I may end up NOT buying a blusher after all.. :( Takpelahh! As long as I get my Rhumba! HAHAHAHAHHA!! 8-}
Saw the back of the head of someone tadik.. Funny how sometimes you can identify your friends just by looking at their backs.. ekkeke! :)
Okay... the pain is getting pretty unbearable for me...

I hate periods.. such a hassle!
[ typed at 11:23 pm of December 16th ]


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