Tuesday, December 30, 2003


finally made a change to the boring layout i had..
just for the record, i don't know who the heck was the person on the background. i just thought the color was neat.. heehee! (neat keeee?)
kalau pening, padan muka!! hahahhahaha!
just for the update.. i'm still using the onscreen keyboard for shifts.. :(

ps= read prisca's blog and rase berbesar ati lak sebab she said she liked the poem/lyrics i did.. hahahha!! rase nak tarok kat sini lak tapi lagu nye tak jadi laiee.. hohoho.. nanti kene ciplakk! heehee~!
(macam best sangat sampai orang nak ciplak!)
sendiri amazed that i can get pretty poetic when i need to!! hahahha!! i make myself proudddd :))


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