Sunday, January 11, 2004

{ blinded }

yes, i am blind..
if only you can see through my eyes,
maybe then you'll know..
the one thing i'd like to see...
of all the things i can see,
i only want to see you..

"i'm blind and waiting for you~"
(taken from Goo Goo Dolls, Big Machine)

penat nieeee!!!
just got back from a day's out in the city.. kuala lumpur.. (eccewwaaah!)
been messing around with drogo's (abah! hahhaa!!) vid cam. experimenting how we'd like the shots to be like. but it was kinda hard though.. 'coz the real shot really need a few cameras and we only had one.. but it was okay!! walking around was actually fun!! but tiring..
the parking cost us rm11.80.. (we left the car in kl central and took putras to go around)
later then went to klcc to hang about though.. (managed to get rhumba, venti!!!) weeeee~! no more rhumbas for me this week.. i should really strain myself from buying too much rhumba.. (so costly!!) eeeeps!

money money money..
need more moneeeyyy!!

i wonder i wonder..
so tired right now..
i wonder if i can last tonight..
ho ho ho!
(macam ade pape aje tonight!)
..jelir lidah kat diri sendrik..

ok dahh!!
ps: still at prisc's place!


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