Monday, January 19, 2004

bluerrgthhh !!!

i have a bad mouth
and an attitude to match.
not saying that i am bad all the time..
but sometimes i just dont give a demm.
i wont sympathize.. i never will..
'coz i dont want to be sympathize, myself.

my mind's a bit flaky for some reasons..
a reason that it's been bugged by a thought of someone who can't decide what they really want.
entahlaa.. when i'm talking about it, it doesn't seem so annoying.
but when i see someone else got so down over 'some things'.. it just bugs me.
i guess it gets a lil' annoying since it has 'something something' to do with me, kot.

banyak cursing lately. mentally unstable, i suppose.
rase nak mengamuk all the time.

i think i'm being unfair.. but what the heck!
i'm too tired to care.. a*hole!
do what you want.. say what you want..
i.. dont.. care!!
you'll get over it.. i know you will..
i know i will get over mine..

kadang kadang rase susah to express myself when i know my friends are reading this. probably if i get to turn back time.. on that historical june.. i would've made this blog private. let me be the one to judge myself. (though i don't really care what people think of me most of the time.. never really did) sometimes terase patut kesah.. and now i am feeling that way. terase patut kesah, when i'm just too tired of it!!!!!!!!

hahhaha!! okay.. okaay..
should drown myself into some pleasant thoughts now.. :)
one that can make me heppyyyyy~!! weeeeeeeee~

Cry hard, laugh loud
Be humble, stand proud
And don?t be afraid of your fears
Let love break your heart
Just be who you are
All of this
All that there is
I wish for you

Cry hard, laugh loud
Be humble, stand proud
Hold onto your faith with all your heart
Be careful, be brave
Be still but don?t stay
In any one place for too long
Remember God?s grace
Give more than you take
All of this
All that there is
I wish for you

~*taken from I Wish For You by Jessica Andrews



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